Dhaka Express Bus Counter Mobile Number

Dhaka express bus counter is a transportation service provider in bangladesh with many convenient locations. The company offers reliable and comfortable travel options for passengers traveling within and outside of the country.

Dhaka express bus counter is a leading transportation provider in bangladesh with numerous locations to choose from. The company is committed to providing reliable and comfortable travel options for passengers traveling both within and outside of the country. With a focus on quality service, dhaka express bus counter is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and safety.

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the company offers a variety of affordable travel options to meet your needs. From luxury coaches to budget-friendly buses, dhaka express bus counter provides a range of services to accommodate every traveler.

Syedabad Bus Counter:02-7553160,044-78335507,01970-180607
Manik Nagar Bus Counter:02-7545838,044-7833550501970-180606
Huzur Bari Bus Counter: 044-78335506
Fakirapool Bus Counter:02-7193725,01683-564838
Mohakhali Bus Counter:01711-242461,01915-555780
Jhigatala Bus Counter:01912-226923,01823-210626
Shyamoli Adabar Bus Counter:01817-51426301911-471347
Mirpur-1 Bus Counter:02-8058315,01911-471347
Mirpur-10 Bus Counter: 01712-082607

Kanchakhat Bus Counter:01740-616433
Neelkhet Bus Counter: 01747-184934
Tongi Bus Counter:044-78335500,01970-180601
Uttara Bus Counter:044-78335501,01970-180602
Airport Bus Counter:044-78335502,01970-180603
Nadda Bus Counter:044-78335503,01970-180604
Badda Bus Counter:044-78335504,01970-180605
Raipur Bus Counter:01772-098662,01680-824746
Mandari Bus Counter:01729-044993,01819-935587
Chaumuhani Bus Counter:01961-872440,01819-510631

Bajra Bus Counter:01828-155858
Dalal Bazar Counter:01926-959518,01718-111279
Battali Office Counter:01717-741075,01715-609127
Sonaimuri Counter:01713-600175
Jocksin Counter:01721-731269
Laxmipur Counter:01761-559212,01928-336239,01846-218315,01735-761301
Paschim Bazar Bus Counter:01716-22880,01716-567811
Maju Chowdhury Hut Counter:01718-732709,01715-979357
Hajir Para Counter: 01713-635092

Understanding The Importance Of Choosing The Right Bus Counter In Dhaka

Choosing the right bus counter in dhaka is crucial to ensure a comfortable and safe journey. One of the factors to consider is the reliability of the bus counter, which can be determined by its reputation and customer feedback. Other important factors includes the variety of bus services offered, ticket prices, departure and arrival times, and the condition of the buses.

Neglecting to select a reliable bus counter can result in disappointment, delays, and even scams. You may end up on a bus that deviates from the expected route or goes off schedule. This can lead to missed appointments and important events.

Hence, it is essential to take time to research and choose the right bus counter in dhaka to avoid inconvenience and ensure a pleasant journey.

Top Dhaka Express Bus Counters That Offer Quality Service

Dhaka, being the capital of bangladesh, has a vast system of transportation to other cities. Among them, express bus service is considered one of the best for its comfortable, fast, and reliable service. There are several express bus counters available in dhaka, offering excellent service to passengers.

Green line paribahan ltd. is a popular name for its luxurious bus service. Shohoz, the leading online marketplace, provides multiple bus services with simple online booking facilities. Hanif enterprise is another well-known bus service provider, famous for its comfortable and modern buses.

Saudia paribahan is famous for its safe driving, dependable service, and affordable fare. Ena transport pvt. Ltd. offers their passengers comfortable ac buses with wifi facilities. United travels ensures excellent service and timely reaching. Overall, dhaka express bus counters provide quality service for a comfortable journey.

Green Line Paribahan Ltd.

Green line paribahan ltd. is one of the leading private bus operators in bangladesh. The company was founded in 1990 and has since expanded to over 60 bus counters across the country. Their services are top-notch, with comfortable seating, air-conditioning and onboard entertainment systems.

They also offer luxurious sleeper bus services for long-distance journeys. The fleet size comprises over 200 buses and all the vehicles undergo regular maintenance checks to ensure safety. Customer feedback and reviews are generally positive, with praises for punctuality, customer service and comfort.

The company has won several awards for its services.


Shohoz is a popular transportation company based in dhaka, bangladesh. The company was founded in 2014 and has since gained popularity among the local population. Offering a range of services including bus, ticketing, hotel bookings, and ride-hailing services, shohoz has become a one-stop-shop for many customers.

The company’s fleet size includes more than 200 luxury buses and their services are available in nearly all the districts across bangladesh. Shohoz’s customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with many customers citing the company’s punctuality as one of its major strengths.

Reviews indicate that the company’s online ticketing system is easy to use and convenient, making it a favorite among travelers in bangladesh.

Hanif Enterprise

Hanif enterprise is a popular bus company in dhaka. The company has been operating its services for years and has become a first choice for many passengers. Hanif enterprise is well-known for its comfortable seats, punctuality, and excellent customer service.

The company offers a wide range of services such as air-conditioned, non-air-conditioned, and luxury buses. They also have a large fleet size, consisting of more than 250 modern buses. The buses are well-maintained and always kept clean. Many passengers have given positive feedback and reviews for hanif enterprise, especially for their reliability and professionalism.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable bus service, hanif enterprise is definitely a great choice.

Saudia Paribahan

Saudia paribahan is a popular bus company in dhaka offering reliable and affordable travel services. With a fleet size of over 300 buses, the company takes pride in providing safe and comfortable journeys for its customers. From air-conditioned coaches to non-air-conditioned buses, saudia paribahan offers a wide range of services to meet the travelers’ needs.

Positive customer feedback and reviews commend the company’s punctuality, friendly staff, and well-maintained vehicles. Whether you’re traveling locally or across the country, saudia paribahan is a trusted choice for your transportation needs.

Ena Transport Pvt. Ltd.

Ena transport pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading bus companies in bangladesh. With a fleet size of over 200 buses, the company offers intercity and intracity bus services to millions of passengers every year. Ena transport pvt. Ltd. Focuses on providing safe, comfortable and affordable travel experience to its passengers.

The company has a solid online reputation and has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Ena transport pvt. Ltd. also offers various bus services including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses, sleeper and non-sleeper buses and shuttle services. With its commitment to reliability and excellent customer service, ena transport pvt.

Ltd. has become a go-to choice for many travelers in bangladesh.

United Travels

United travels is a leading bus company in dhaka known for providing efficient and affordable services. Its fleet size comprises of various bus models that guarantee the safety and comfort of passengers throughout their journey. The company is highly rated due to exceptional customer service and positive feedback from passengers who have used their services.

United travels delivers quality service to its large customer base, meeting all their travel needs. The bus company has become the preferred choice for travelers who prefer hassle-free and seamless transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions For Dhaka Express Bus Counter

What Is Dhaka Express Bus Counter?

Dhaka express bus counter is a platform to buy bus tickets and get information about bus services.

How Can I Buy Tickets From Dhaka Express Bus Counter?

You can buy bus tickets from dhaka express bus counter by visiting their website or app, or by going to their physical counters.

What Benefits Will I Get From Using Dhaka Express Bus Counter?

Using dhaka express bus counter, you can easily book bus tickets, check bus schedules, and get real-time information about bus services.

Are There Any Discounts Available At Dhaka Express Bus Counter?

Yes, dhaka express bus counter offers various discounts, including student discounts, for their customers.

Is It Safe To Use Dhaka Express Bus Counter?

Yes, it’s safe to use dhaka express bus counter as they use secure payment gateways and follow all necessary safety protocols to protect their customers’ information.


It is undeniable that the dhaka express bus counter plays a crucial role in the city’s transportation system. With its widespread network, commuters can easily travel to different parts of bangladesh and beyond. However, it is also evident that the current state of the counters is far from perfect.

The lack of proper facilities and infrastructure can cause inconvenience to the passengers, leading to a negative experience. Therefore, it is crucial that the authorities take necessary steps to improve the conditions of these counters and ensure a smooth transportation system for the people.

As potential passengers, we should also prioritize safety and comfort while choosing our means of travel. With proper maintenance and support, the dhaka express bus counter can continue to be a reliable and convenient mode of transportation in bangladesh.

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