Diganta Paribahan Mobile Number and All Counter Information

Diganta Paribahan is a bus company based in Bangladesh that offers transportation services within the country.” Bangladesh is a populous country with a growing economy and an increasing need for reliable transportation services.

Diganta paribahan is one of the many bus companies that provide transportation services in the country. The company operates mainly in the northern region of Bangladesh and offers various types of bus services, including air-conditioned buses, non-air-conditioned buses, and luxury coaches.

With its affordable prices and focus on customer satisfaction, diganta paribahan attracts many customers who rely on its services. This article will dive into the details of diganta paribahan, its services, and customer reviews to help you decide if this bus company is the right fit for your transportation needs in Bangladesh.

Diganta Paribahan Mobile Number

Gabtali: 01966644105, 01966644106

Savar: 01966644161

Nabinagar: 01966644111

Kotalipara: 01904101170, 01904101171

Bhatiapara: 01966644128, 01762122864

Bagerhat: 01966644105

Bari Para Kalia Narail: 01966644139

Chandradighilia: 01966644125

Golappur: 01966644126

Bhatiapara: 01966644128

Muksudpur: 01966644129

Ghagharbazar: 01904101172

Diganta Paribahan: Redefining Travel Experience

Diganta paribahan, a premium transportation company in bangladesh, provides a unique travel experience. This company has an interesting history, starting as a small business and growing to become a significant player in the industry. What sets this company apart from other travel solutions is their commitment to customer satisfaction.

With a large fleet of buses, diganta paribahan offers comfortable and affordable travel options across the country. Their services include modern amenities such as air conditioning and comfortable seating. They prioritize safety and punctuality, which makes them a popular choice for traveling in bangladesh.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free and comfortable journey, diganta paribahan is the perfect travel solution for you.

Embracing The Convenience Of Diganta Paribahan

Diganta paribahan is a transportation company that has embraced modern technology. Customers can easily book their tickets online, making the process simple and convenient. One of the benefits of travelling with diganta paribahan is their focus on comfort and safety.

They provide comfortable seating and adhere to strict safety protocols. Despite providing top-notch services, their ticket prices are reasonable, making them an affordable option. Diganta paribahan also offers a variety of routes, making it easy to travel between destinations. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, diganta paribahan makes the journey stress-free and enjoyable.

Discovering Destinations With Diganta Paribahan

Diganta paribahan takes you on a thrilling journey, discovering beautiful destinations. With a vast coverage area, this bus service covers various cities and towns. Explore scenic routes and best routes with diganta paribahan. You can travel to destinations like cox’s bazar, rangamati, srimangal, chittagong and many more.

Enjoy the picturesque views on your way. Diganta paribahan covers the major cities of bangladesh like dhaka, sylhet, and chittagong with ease. Plan your next trip, take a ride with diganta paribahan, and experience the beauty of bangladesh with comfort.

Travelling With Diganta Paribahan: What To Expect

Travelling with diganta paribahan is a comfortable experience with flexible seating options. Passengers can choose from regular, ac, and vip classes. The luggage policy requires bags not to exceed 20kg per person. On-board facilities include amenities such as blankets, water bottles and snacks.

Passengers can also enjoy wi-fi, charging ports, and entertainment systems. The buses adhere to safety and hygiene protocols, making it a reliable mode of transport. Overall, diganta paribahan is a top choice for a comfortable and cost-effective journey.


After delving deep into the world of diganta paribahan, it is evident that they have come a long way. They started as a small transportation company but have now become a major player in the industry. Despite facing several challenges and obstacles, they have managed to maintain their reputation and provide quality service to their customers.

Their commitment to safety and reliability is commendable, and their efforts towards sustainability are praiseworthy. As a passenger, you can fully trust diganta paribahan for a comfortable and safe journey. With their modern fleet, advanced technologies, and professional staff, they are sure to provide you with an experience that you will never forget.

So, next time you plan to travel by road, don’t forget to give diganta paribahan a chance to serve you. They are undoubtedly a transportation service that you can rely on.

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