Dola Paribahan Mobile Number and Details Information

Dola Paribahan is a bus company that operates in Bangladesh. They offer intercity and intracity transportation services. In this post, we provide Dola Paribahan Mobile Number and Details Information.

Yes, Dola Paribahan is a well-established and reliable transportation company in Bangladesh that provides comfortable and safe travel options for both long and short distances. With over 300 buses in its fleet, dola Paribahan offers numerous routes throughout Bangladesh’s various cities.

Along with their extensive network, they prioritize safety and quality service for their passengers. In this article, we’ll discuss Dola Paribahan’s services, schedules, and amenities to help you plan your trip.

Dola Paribahan Mobile Number

Gulistan- 01730-898811, 01730-898812
Syedabad- 01979-030181, 01774-998282, 01552-462852, 01730-877883
Kaliganj New Road- 01730-898813, 01730-898814
Pirojpur- 01739612299, 01970370022
Kadamtala- 01739-758371
Juzhkhola- 01746-754546
Pachpara- 01739-758370

Chauthaimhal- 01730-898801
Nazirpur- 01709-621988, 01730-877884
Dighirjan- 01711-302853
New Road- 01711-069602
Vijoda- 01717-178124
Matibhanga- 01711-201853

Shaildah- 01711-075350
Kunia- 01709-621998
Patgati- 01729-540049
Ghonapara- 01730-898804
Gopalganj Collegegate- 01718-092926
Gopalganj Policeline-01730-898805
Vijayapasha- 01728-046771
Chandradighlia- 01780-200077

Gopinathpur- 01730-898802
Bhatiapara- 01709-621986
Muksudpur- 01772-743356
Solombari -01318-321694
Amtlabazar- 01318-321695
Daivajnahati- 01318-321696
Badal- 01709-621992

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Signboard- 01744-211168
Bagerhat- 01746-041828, 01709-621994
Majorgate- 01730-898803
C&B Bazar-01709-621991
Fakirhat- 01746-011819
Madrasaghat- 01790-522043
Joydihi- 01790-521873
Chandipur- 01730-430441
Balipara – 01730-430442

Ghosherhat- 01730-430443
Indurkani- 01730-430444
Parerhat- 01730-430445
Mahishpura- 01709-621995
Badal- 01709-621992
Signboard- 01744-211168
Bagerhat- 01746-041828, 01709-621994
Baitpur- 01712-985971, 01752-285871

Experience Comfortable Travel With Modern Amenities

Experience comfort and luxury with Dola Paribahan buses. Equipped with modern amenities, their state-of-the-art buses guarantee a comfortable journey. The seats are designed for optimum relaxation, with ample legroom for passengers. Stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi and charging ports for electronic devices, ensuring that you are always connected on the go.

Don’t miss out on this lavish and modern travel experience. Choose Dola Paribahan on your next trip for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Keep Your Safety In Mind With Professional Drivers And Strict Safety Standards

Dola Paribahan, a leading transportation company, is committed to the safety of its passengers. With their team of experienced and highly-trained drivers, they uphold strict standards to ensure safe travels for all. Utilizing the latest technologies, dola Paribahan monitors drivers and takes preventive measures to avoid accidents.

Passengers can have peace of mind knowing their safety is the top priority.

Affordable And Convenient Travel Options To Suit Your Needs

Traveling across Bangladesh has never been more affordable and convenient with Dola Paribahan. This bus company offers a range of routes and destinations, allowing you to choose a travel option that caters to your budget and schedule. With online booking options and multiple payment methods, booking your trip has never been easier.

Don’t forget to explore the diverse places you can visit with Dola Paribahan with its many options, including comfortable seating and excellent service. Experience the beauty, culture, and charm of Bangladesh in a way that suits your travel needs with Dola Paribahan.

Dola Parcel: Send Your Parcel With Safety And On Time

Sending and receiving packages is a crucial part of our daily lives. Dola Paribahan’s parcel service offers a safe and reliable option for both personal and business needs. With fast and efficient delivery times, you know that your package will arrive on time.

The state-of-the-art tracking system allows you to monitor your package’s journey until it reaches its destination. Dola Paribahan also provides insurance coverage, protecting your package against any unexpected damages. So, whether you need to send a personal item or a business package, dola paribahan’s parcel service is the perfect solution.

Trust Dola Paribahan to deliver your package safely and promptly.

Dola Courier: Secure And Smooth Courier Service

Dola Paribahan’s courier service offers secure and smooth delivery for all your important documents and packages. With their team of experienced professionals, they ensure quick delivery times and quality customer service. Whether you need to send something across the city or to a faraway destination, dola Paribahan has you covered with its comprehensive delivery coverage across the country.

You can trust them to handle your valuable items with the utmost care. Whether it’s a business contract, important legal documents, or even a gift for a loved one, dola Paribahan will make sure it gets to its destination safely and on time.

Choose Dola Paribahan for a stress-free courier experience.

Dola Logistics: Optimize Your Business With Integrated Logistics Solutions

Dola Paribahan offers optimized logistics solutions to businesses. Their tailor-made logistics solutions meet diverse business needs and streamline operations. Dola boasts advanced technology and infrastructure that ensures efficient storage, handling, and delivery of goods. Whether it is road, air, or sea transportation, dola offers speedy transportation and excellent tracking services.

Additionally, Dola takes customer satisfaction seriously, offering reliable and affordable transport services. Explore dola paribahan’s logistics solutions to take your business to the next level.

Easy Steps To Book Your Tickets Online

Booking your Dola Paribahan tickets online is a cinch! To start, look for discount offers and special deals. Choose your seats wisely and take advantage of additional luggage options. Next, grab a meal or snack during the journey. To simplify, always read the terms and conditions before booking your tickets.

Finally, enjoy your ride with Dola Paribahan while being safe and stress-free.

Manage Your Booking With The Dola Paribahan Mobile App

Planning a trip by bus just got easier with Dola Paribahan’s mobile app. Manage your booking from anywhere, at any time with the user-friendly app. The app offers rescheduling, cancellation, and refund options for added convenience and flexibility. Keep track of your journey in real time with instant updates and notifications. Download the app today to streamline your travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dola Paribahan

What Is Dola Paribahan?

Dola Paribahan is one of the most popular intercity bus services in Bangladesh.

How Can I Book A Seat In Dola Paribahan?

You can book a seat in Dola Paribahan by visiting their official website or by visiting any of their counters.

What Are The Popular Routes Of Dola Paribahan?

Dola Paribahan offers intercity bus services on several routes throughout the country. But the Dhaka to Chittagong course is the most popular one.

What Are The Types Of Buses Available In Dola Paribahan?

Dola paribahan has two types of buses: ac buses and non-ac buses. Both types of buses are comfortable and have different ticket prices.

What Are The Safety Measures Taken By Dola Paribahan For Passengers?

Dola Paribahan takes several safety measures to ensure the safety of its passengers. The buses are equipped with fire extinguishers, first-aid boxes, and GPS tracking systems.


From the rise of Dola Paribahan to becoming one of the leading bus services in Bangladesh, the company has grown its reputation and gained the trust of countless travelers. Their years of experience have helped them streamline their operations and offer comfortable and cost-effective services to their passengers.

Dola Paribahan has expanded its services to various destinations and continues to make improvements to its fleet, facilities, and staff training. Travelers can rest assured that they will receive a hassle-free travel experience with Dola Paribahan. With the availability of online booking and tracking services, customers can also plan their trips conveniently.

So if you are looking for reliable transportation in Bangladesh, dola Paribahan is an excellent choice. Book your tickets now and travel safely with Dola Paribahan.

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