Emad Paribahan Online Ticket And Counter Number

Emad paribahan’s online ticket booking system allows customers to purchase bus tickets and provides a counter number for further assistance.

All counter numbers of Imad Paribahan Bus

Gulistan 1 No: 01318 303168
Gulistan 2 No. 01798 229083
Gulistan 3 No. 01318 303140
Syedabad 1 No. 01798 229093
Syedabad 2 No. 01798 229092
Syedabad No. 3/Janpath Junction: 01711 272671
Dholaipar: 01318303181
Kaliganj: 01712 609374

Pirojpur: 01798 229095 01318 303165
Kadamtala: 01711 219132
Panchpara: 01785 697874
Juice Shop: 01798 229096
Chauthai Mahal: 01318 303154
Nazirpur: 01798 229097
Dighirjan: 01726 558124
New Road: 01734 696162
Sister: 01785 697977
Matibhanga: 01919 169686
Kunia: 01716 954367

Patgati/Tungipara: 01798 229080
Singipara: 01718 722839
Ghonapara: 01798 229081
Gopalganj College Gate: 01798 229082
Gopalganj Police Lines: 01318303178
Vijay Pasha: 01798 229084
Chandradighalia: 01798 229085
Uorpara: 01798 220086
Phukra: 01725 946906
Tilchara: 01949 341829
Bhatiapara: 01798 229089
Moksedpur: 01798 229091

New Road (Khulna) – 01318 303145
Phultala- 01318 303156
Khalishpur: 01318 303146
Royal Mor: 01318 303147
People’s Gate: 01318 303149
Platinum Gate: 01318 303146
Sonadanga: 01318 303148
Zeropoint: 01318 303188
Gallamari: 01729 979832
Sen Bazar: 01913 057966

Shiromani: 01318 303142
Madrasaghat: 01611 452044
Phulbari: 01318 303143
Daulatpur: 01318 303144
Rupsha Ghat: 01318 303153
Katakhali Mor: 01318 303150
Fakirhat: 01318 303151
Jayadhiki: 01318 303152
Call Center Numbers: 01798 229087, 01798 229098, 01716 721515, 01903 319099
Vikas: 01906 914181
Complaints and information: 01700 791979

Emad Paribahan: An Introduction

Emad paribahan is a transportation company that offers online ticketing services and has a network of counters across bangladesh. What sets emad paribahan apart is its user-friendly website and mobile application, which allows customers to book tickets and select seats with ease.

The company also has a fleet of modern buses and skilled drivers who ensure passenger safety and comfort. One of the notable features of emad paribahan’s online ticketing system is its real-time tracking feature that lets customers monitor their bus’s location and estimated arrival time.

Emad paribahan can help you explore different routes with ease as it covers many destinations across the country. Book your emad paribahan ticket today and experience hassle-free travel!

Emad Paribahan Online Ticketing System: A Detailed Overview

Emad paribahan, a popular transportation company, offers an easy online ticketing system. To book your tickets, simply visit their website and select your desired route and travel dates. You can also choose your preferred bus type and seat. Payment can be easily completed online.

Once your booking is confirmed, you can collect your ticket from a counter or print it out at home. The online system offers many benefits, such as convenience, accessibility, and the ability to avoid long queues. By using emad paribahan’s online ticketing system, you can save both time and effort.

So why wait? Book your next trip with emad paribahan now!

Frequently Asked Questions For Emad Paribahan Online Ticket And Counter Number

What Is Emad Paribahan?

Emad paribahan is a bus transportation company based in bangladesh that offers online ticket booking and counter services.

How Can I Book A Ticket Online With Emad Paribahan?

To book a ticket online with emad paribahan, simply visit their website and select your preferred destination, date, and time.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Emad Paribahan’S Online Ticket Booking Service?

Using emad paribahan’s online ticket booking service saves time and allows you to select your preferred seat and bus type.

How Can I Find The Nearest Emad Paribahan Ticket Counter?

To find the nearest emad paribahan ticket counter, visit their website and click on the “counter locator” tab.

Can I Cancel Or Change My Emad Paribahan Ticket?

Yes, you can cancel or change your emad paribahan ticket by contacting their customer service or visiting a ticket counter. Note that cancellation or change fees may apply.


As we have explored in this blog post, emad paribahan provides a convenient and efficient way for travelers to purchase tickets for their desired destination through their online platform and counter service. The online ticketing system makes it easy for customers to book tickets without the hassle of waiting in long queues.

Additionally, the counter service is readily available to assist travelers who prefer purchasing tickets in person. Emad paribahan’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through their commitment to providing excellent service. By continually improving their services, they have built a loyal customer base and have successfully established themselves as a reliable and trustworthy transportation company.

With emad paribahan’s online ticketing system and counter service, travelers can rest assured that their journey will be comfortable and stress-free. So, book your tickets with emad paribahan today and experience hassle-free travel at its finest.

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