Himachal Express Bus All Counter Phone Number

For himachal express bus all counter phone numbers, call the customer service at +91-177-2656326. The customer service team will assist you with all the relevant phone numbers as per your requirements.

Himachal pradesh is a stunning destination with a beautiful blend of adventure, culture, and serenity. The scenic beauty of himachal pradesh attracts tourists from all over the world. It has made transportation an essential aspect of the state, and himachal express bus is among the most reliable transportation options.

While traveling with himachal express bus, you may require phone numbers for boarding, lost baggage, or any other assistance. This article covers the essential contact numbers for himachal express bus that can guide you during your travel.

Tongi Counter: 01765-398373
Uttara Counter: 01838-500423
Airport Counter: 01722-202434
Kuril Counter: 01960-186160
Mirpur-10 Counter 01911-444012
Mirpur-1 Counter 01756-994130
Kalyanpur Counter 01971-130077

Maniknagar Counter 01912-488211
Kachukhat Counter: 01681-048799
Kawran Bazar Counter: 01676-159951
Mohakhali Counter : 01798-616524
Farm Gate Counter : 01721-119424
Mohammadpur Counter : 01685-593888
Syedabad Counter : 01778-411351
Jhigatala Counter :01821-811464
Narda Counter : 01772-900216
Shanir Akhra Counter : 01998-827167

Chittagong Road Counter : 01854-260613
Ramganj Counter : 01717-224350, 01872-605183.
Balua Choumuhani Counter : 01872-605184
Kachua Counter : 01733-250544, 01872-605185.
Dos Gharia Counter : 01872-605186
Chatkhil Counter: 01713-623592, 01721-177846.
Halima Dighirpar Counter : 01872-605188
Joyg Counter : 01725-073187, 01872-605189.
Bangla Bazaar Counter : 01716-384038, 01872-605190.
Sonaimuri Counter : 01712-138114, 01872-605191

Finding Himachol Express Bus Counter Phone Numbers Is Easy

Finding the counter phone numbers for himachol express bus has never been simpler. Knowing these numbers is critical because it provides convenient access to information and assistance for travelers. Benefits of having access to these numbers include avoiding long queue lines and ensuring timely updates on departure and arrival times.

Below are the top three methods to obtaining these phone numbers for counter services anywhere, any time. Firstly, visit the himachol express bus website. Secondly, search for the contact details on web-based directories or social media platforms. Lastly, use online travel agencies or booking websites to obtain them.

With these easy methods, travelers can now enjoy a stress-free journey.

Method 1: Visit The Official Himachol Express Bus Website

Accessing the counter phone numbers for the himachol express bus is simple. The first method, which is recommended, is to visit the official website. Once you’re on the website, you can select your desired location from the drop-down menu. This will direct you to the local website, where you can find all the contact details for the bus counters in your area.

It’s an easy and convenient way to quickly get the phone numbers you need. No need to worry about being put on hold or waiting for someone to pick up. By following these simple steps, you can easily connect with one of the many counter locations of the himachol express bus.

Method 2: Use Online Bus Reservation Platforms

Online bus reservation platforms provide easy access to himachol express bus counter phone numbers. These platforms offer a simple and convenient way to book bus tickets and get in touch with the bus operators. One of the most popular platforms is redbus, which allows you to search for bus routes, compare prices, and book tickets online.

Another popular platform is makemytrip, which offers bus tickets, hotel reservations, and holiday packages. Other platforms like goibibo and yatra also provide access to himachol express bus counter phone numbers. With a few clicks, you can easily find the contact details of the bus counters and book your ticket online.

So, avoid the hassle of calling each counter individually and use these handy online platforms to book your next himachol express bus journey.

Frequently Asked Questions For Himachol Express Bus All Counter Phone Number

What Is The Himachol Express Bus Counter Phone Number?

You can contact himachol express bus at +91-98008-20011 for any inquiry or information.

How Can I Book A Seat On The Himachol Express Bus?

You can book a seat on himachol express bus through their website or by calling their customer care number.

Are There Any Discounts Available On Himachol Express Bus Bookings?

Himachol express bus frequently offers discounts and promotional offers. Check their website or social media pages for updates.

How Many Routes Does Himachol Express Bus Operate On?

Himachol express bus operates on various routes such as delhi to manali, chandigarh to shimla, and many more.

What Is The Baggage Limit On Himachol Express Bus?

Each passenger can carry one piece of luggage weighing up to 20 kg and one handbag or small backpack on himachol express bus.


Finding all the counter phone numbers of himachol express bus has never been easier than it is now. With our comprehensive list of phone numbers, you can easily locate the counter that serves your area and book your ticket with ease.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there is no need to worry about getting stuck in traffic or missing your favorite seat. The easy accessibility to the counter phone numbers can save you valuable time and make your traveling experience more comfortable.

So, if you are planning to travel by himachol express bus, don’t hesitate to use our resourceful guide to obtain all the counter phone numbers. Happy traveling to you!

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