Saudia Paribahan Mobile Number and Counter Info

Saudia paribahan operates 24/7 bus services with ac/non ac buses in bangladesh covering more than 64 destinations. Saudia paribahan is a prominent bus company in bangladesh providing reliable 24/7 bus services to more than 64 locations across the country with comfortable ac/non ac buses.

With a fleet of modern buses and skilled drivers, saudia paribahan ensures safe and comfortable journeys for its passengers. Their buses are equipped with amenities like wi-fi, charging points, and comfortable seats to make the journey more enjoyable. Saudia paribahan also offers online ticket booking facilities for the convenience of its customers.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and safety, saudia paribahan strives to be one of the leading bus companies in Bangladesh.

Dhaka counter

Dhaka Fakirapool Counter : 01919654829
Dhaka Gabtali Counter : 01919654863
Dhaka Syedabad Counter : 01919654857
Dhaka Kala Bagan Counter: 01919654861
Abdullahpur Counter: 01919654754
Path: 01919-654926, 01919-654927
Kalyanpur: 01919-654928
Arambagh: 01919-654932, 01919-654933
Kala Bagan: 01919-654926
Rajarbagh: 01919-654930, 01919-654931
Eden Counter: 01919-654935
Kamalapur: 01919-654859.
Narayanganj Counter: 01672-365072

Comilla Counter:

Comilla Padua Bazaar-01919654851
Comilla Junglia Terminal-01919654852
Chandpur Terminal Counter: 01919654872

Chittagong Counter:

Chittagong Dampara Counter: 01919654821
Chittagong Colonelhat Counter: 01919654906
Chittagong Jewelery Counter 1: 01919654812
Chittagong Navigate Counter: 01919654832
Chittagong Cinema Palace Counter : 01919654823
Chittagong BRTC Counter : 01919654824
Chittagong Station Road Counter: 01919-654725, 01919-654941
Chittagong Nasirabad Counter: 01919-654897
Chittagong Bahaddarhat Mor Counter: 01919-654742
Chittagong New Bridge Counter: 01919-654743, 01919-654827
Chittagong Bhatiari Counter: 01919-654828
Chittagong Bayejit Counter: 01919-654834

Sylhet Counter:

Mazar Gate, Katwali, Sylhet: 01922-595982
Sobhani Gate: 01919-654942
Sobhani Ghat: 01919-654891
Terminal Counter: 01919-654891
Jamuna Market: 01919-654990

Cox’s Bazar Counter:

Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Counter: 01919654818
Cox’s Bazar Kalatali Counter: 01919654813
Cox’s Bazar Laldighi Counter : 01919654812
Jhowtla: 01919654917
Long Beach: 01919654920
Diamond Kalatali: 01919654813
Link Road: 01919654815
Longbeach: 01919654913
Ramu: 01919654831
Eidgah: 01919654816
Chakaria: 01919654893
Terminal: 01919-654814

Jessore Counter:

Car Garage Jessore: 01919-654992
Jessore New Market: 01919-654893
Manihar Jessore: 01919-654879
Khulna Counter:

Royal Counter: 01919-654883
Sonadanga Counter: 01919-654881

Satkhira Counter:

Satkhira: 01919-654887
Magura Counter:

Magura: 01919-516483
Khagrachari Counter:

Khagrachari: 01919-654882
Mymensingh Counter:

Mymensingh: 01919-654898
Mukta Gacha: 01737-148821
Barisal Counter:

Barisal: 01919-654873
Amtali: 01919-654776
Khepupara: 01919-654876
Patuakhali: 01919-654874
Barguna: 01919-654775

The Ultimate Transportation Solution: Features And Benefits

Saudia paribahan provides the ultimate transportation solution with comfortable and convenient vehicles. Their reliable service offers affordable pricing and a digital ticketing system for easy booking. The company ensures safe and secure traveling with experienced drivers and a well-maintained fleet.

With saudia paribahan, passengers can enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable journey. The fleet includes buses, mini-buses and coaches, with various seating arrangements to accommodate different travel needs. Whether it’s a short distance or long journey, they offer a transportation solution for every occasion.

Saudia paribahan is committed to providing an excellent customer experience from start to finish, making them the ideal choice for travelers looking for quality service.

Saudia Paribahan’S Commitment To Sustainability And Social Responsibility

Saudia paribahan commits to sustainability and social responsibility. They use eco-friendly fuel and alternate energy to reduce carbon emission. The company also contributes to local communities by creating jobs and supporting social programs. Saudia paribahan digitalized their booking system, eliminating paper tickets and reducing deforestation.

The company aims to reduce their carbon footprint and strive for a cleaner environment. They prioritize their social responsibility and have won several awards, including the green business award. Saudia paribahan sets an example for other companies to follow, proving that sustainable practices can be profitable and ethical.

The Future Of Saudia Paribahan And Public Transportation In Bangladesh

Saudia paribahan has established itself as a frontrunner in public transportation in bangladesh. With a fleet of modern buses, the company has made significant strides in providing efficient and comfortable travel options. The company’s success story is one of continued growth and development, with an eye towards further expansion in the future.

Plans to expand into new routes and improve the overall customer experience are already underway. Saudia paribahan’s impact on bangladesh’s transportation industry has been overwhelmingly positive, providing affordable and reliable mass transit options to millions of people. As bangladesh continues to develop and modernize, public transportation will play an increasingly important role, and saudia paribahan is well-positioned to lead the way.

Frequently Asked Questions For Saudia Paribahan

What Is Saudia Paribahan?

Saudia paribahan is a popular bus transportation company in bangladesh, operating since 2006.

What Are The Destinations Of Saudia Paribahan?

Saudia paribahan offers bus service to various destinations within bangladesh, including dhaka, sylhet, and chittagong.

What Are The Amenities Provided By Saudia Paribahan?

Saudia paribahan provides a comfortable journey to its passengers with facilities such as air conditioning, reclining seats, and onboard entertainment.

How Do I Book A Ticket With Saudia Paribahan?

You can book a ticket with saudia paribahan online through their website or in-person at their ticket counter.

Is Saudia Paribahan A Safe Mode Of Transportation In Bangladesh?

Yes, saudia paribahan is a safe mode of transportation in bangladesh, with experienced drivers and an excellent safety record.


After going through the blog post about saudia paribahan, it is evident that this transportation company has a lot to offer to its customers. With a fleet of modern, well-maintained buses and a wide range of routes, saudia paribahan ensures smooth and comfortable travel experiences to passengers.

Their affordable fares, online booking facilities, and on-time departures and arrivals make them a top choice for many travelers. It is impressive how saudia paribahan has been able to establish a strong reputation in the transportation sector with their quality services.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their attention to detail and their willingness to go the extra mile. For anyone planning to travel within bangladesh, saudia paribahan is a company worth considering. The saudia paribahan is an excellent transportation service provider that offers reliable, comfortable, and affordable travel options throughout the country.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction, safety measures, and maintenance of high standards makes them standout. Without a doubt, saudia paribahan is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free travel experience in bangladesh.

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