Shyamoli Paribahan Online Tickets and Contact Number

Shyamoli paribahan contact number is 02-7102936 and their online ticketing system is available on their official website. Shyamoli paribahan is a well-known transportation company in bangladesh that has been providing their services for decades.

They have a wide network of routes and stops across the country and are known for their comfortable buses and reliable service. In order to make travelling with them even more convenient, shyamoli paribahan offers an online ticketing system that can be accessed through their official website.

In addition, you can also reach out to their customer service team at 02-7102936 for any inquiries or assistance. Whether you need to book a ticket or have any other concerns, shyamoli paribahan makes it easy to get in touch and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.

Technical Counter – 01865-068922.
Asad Gate Counter – 02-8124881, 02-9124514, 01714-619173.
Kalyanpur-1 Counter – 02-8091161.
South Kalyanpur- 02-9003331, 01716-478951.
Kalyanpur-II Counter – 02-9003331, 02-8034275, 02-8360241, 02-8091162.
Kalabagan Counter -02-9141047.

Arambagh Counter -02-7194291, 02-7192215, 02-7193915.
Syedabad Counter- 02-7541336
Saidabad-4 Counter- 02-7541249.
Sayedabad 3 Counter – 02-7550071
Sayedabad-7 Counter -02-7541953
Fakirapool Counter -02-7193725
Malibag Counter – 01865-068927
Uttara Counter – 02-7541249, 02-7914336.
Narda Counter – 02-55050218

Abdullahpur Counter -01865-068930
KP BRTC Counter -02-8091183
Gabtali Counter-01865-068925
GABTALI-5 COUNTER-02-9014359
Gabtali-6 Counter- 02-9014561
Gabtali Mazar Road Counter- 02-9011100
Gabtali NS Counter- 01865-068924
Gabtali VIP Counter- 02-9002624
Panthpath Counter- 02-9112327
Kamalapur Counter- 02-48316246
BRTC Bus Depot Counter- 02-58312094, 02-49353882.

Narayanganj-1 Counter- 0671-7642882
Narayanganj-2 Counter-0671-7647945
Narayanganj-3 Counter- 0671-7647721

BB Road Counter- 0671-7642882
Kadmatoli Counter- 01716-036687
Kadmatli 2nd Counter- 01726-6870244
Suburban Counter-01913-032228
Shrine Gate Counter- 01792-875375
Moulvibazar Counter- 01767-551153

Kaptai Counter- 01754-783430
Col. Hut Counter-01740-997980
Dampara Counter-01911-797140, 031-2866022, 031-286623
BTRC-1 Counter- 031-2866025
BTRC-II Counter- 031-2866024
Station Road Counter- 031-2866026
Decoration Counter- 01875-098707
AK Khan Counter- 031-43150005
Navy Gate Counter- 031-740675
Bayezit Counter- 031-2581473

Kolatali Counter- 01759-777178
Cox’s Bazar Central Bus Terminal Counter-01728-809846
Teknaf Counter- 01865-068946
Chakaria Counter- 01865-068995,01681-840531, 01985-650479
Bandarban Counter- 0361-62560
Reserve Bazaar- 01813-225858, 01820-309305.

Rajshahi Counter- 01919-317323, 01791-963363
Kushtia Counter -01711-942709
Meherpur Counter-01717-385192, 01784-287004
Bogra Counter- 051-64244, 051-64155.
Naogaon Counter- 0741-62902
Burimari Office Counter-01716-061774
Chuadanga Counter- 01963-146448
Jhenaidah Counter-01711-265265

Kolkata Counter-009133-39579672, 22520693, 0091-9831239007, 9831037603.
Compassionate Counter-0091-9748090471.
Agartala Counter- 0091-9863045083.
Hotel Central Plaza Counter-0091-9132628243
Benapole Counter-01724-777260
To book tickets online visit:

Book Your Ticket With Shyamoli Paribahan’S Official Website

Online ticket booking with shyamoli paribahan has never been easier. Follow these easy steps to book your tickets: first, visit their official website. Next, select your departure and arrival destinations, as well as your date of travel. Then, choose your preferred bus and seat.

Additionally, the website offers several convenient features, including the ability to search for buses based on departure time, class, and fare. With shyamoli paribahan’s online booking system, you can avoid the hassle of visiting their ticket counters and easily obtain your tickets from the comfort of your own home.

Make your travel a breeze by choosing shyamoli paribahan for all your transportation needs.

A Guide To Using Shyamoli Paribahan’S Mobile App

Are you tired of standing in long queues to buy bus tickets? Look no further than shyamoli paribahan’s mobile app. With a simple download and installation process, this app provides a user-friendly interface to book tickets on the go. Say goodbye to the hassle of booking tickets with features such as seat selection, tracking bus routes, and real-time bus schedules.

Shyamoli paribahan’s mobile app is a game-changer in the transportation industry. Download it now to experience seamless booking with just a few taps of your finger.

Frequently Asked Questions On Shyamoli Paribahan Contact Number And Online Ticket

What Is Shyamoli Paribahan?

Shyamoli paribahan is a renowned and trusted transportation company in bangladesh that operates bus services.

How Do I Book A Ticket Online With Shyamoli Paribahan?

Visit their website or use their mobile app, select your destination, date and time, and book your ticket online.

How Can I Contact Shyamoli Paribahan Customer Service?

You can call +88029810807 or send an email to info@shyamoliparibahan. com. bd to reach their customer service.

What Are The Payment Options Available For Online Booking?

Shyamoli paribahan offers various payment options such as online banking, mobile banking, and card payment for online booking.

How Do I Reschedule My Shyamoli Paribahan Ticket?

You need to contact their customer service at least 6 hours before the departure time to reschedule your ticket.


If you’re planning a trip and need a reliable and efficient mode of transportation, then look no further than shyamoli paribahan. With their easy-to-use online ticketing system and extensive list of contact numbers, booking a bus ticket has never been easier.

Whether you’re traveling within dhaka or to neighboring cities, shyamoli paribahan has got you covered with their spacious and well-maintained buses. For those who prefer to book their tickets online, the process is quick and hassle-free. Shyamoli paribahan has established itself as a reliable and customer-friendly transportation option in bangladesh.

With their commitment to customer satisfaction and modern amenities, shyamoli paribahan is a great choice for anyone in need of transportation services. So book your tickets today and experience the comfort and convenience of traveling with shyamoli paribahan.

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