Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus Service & Ticket Price

The dhaka to cox’s bazar bus service is a popular travel route with a ticket price ranging from bdt 800 to bdt 2,000. This route offers both non-ac and ac bus services with comfortable seating arrangements and frequent departures throughout the day.

Additionally, passengers can enjoy beautiful scenic views of the countryside along the journey. Cox’s bazar is a popular tourist destination known for its sandy beaches and calm sea waters, making it an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of dhaka city.

The bus service provides a convenient and affordable option for travelers to reach cox’s bazar from dhaka.

Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar AC bus fare and schedule-2023

bus nameBus brandbus seatrent
Green Line TransportationMan (Man) double deckerBusiness class2200
Hanif EnterprisesVolvoBusiness class2000
Sohag TransportScania (Scania) Multi AxleBusiness class2000
Country TravelsHyundaiBusiness class2000
London ExpressmanBusiness class2000
Jeddah ExpressHyundaiBusiness class2000
Robi ExpressHyundaiBusiness class2000
Robi ExpressAshok LeylandSleeper bed1800
Ena TransportHyundaiBusiness class2000
Shyamali TransportHinoEconomy class1400
Relaxed transportHyundaiBusiness class2000
Senjuti TravelsHigerEconomy class1300
tuba lineAnkaiSleeper bed2500
Saudia Coach ServiceHinoEconomy class1500
Royal coachHyundaiBusiness class2000
Saint Martin TransportAshok LeylandSleeper bed2200
Heritage TravelsAshok LeylandSleeper bed2000
Independent TravelsIsuzuEconomy class1300
Road MasterAshok LeylandSleeper bed2000
Saint Martin TravelsHyundaiBusiness class2000
Imperial ExpressAshok LeylandEconomy class1300
Shanti TransportHinoEconomy class1300
Green Saint Martin ExpressIsuzuEconomy class1600
President TravelsmanSleeper bed2500
Dhaka ExpressAshok LeylandEconomy class1200
Star Line TransportationAshok Leyland,Hino (Hino.Ashok Leyland)Economy class1200

Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar Non AC bus fare and schedule-2023

bus nameBus brandbus seatrent
Hanif EnterprisesHinoEconomy class1100
Unique serviceHinoEconomy class1100
Shyamali TransportHinoEconomy class1100
S. Alam ServiceHinoEconomy class1100
Saudia ServiceHinoEconomy class1100
Ena TransportHinoEconomy class1100
Saint Martin TravelsHinoEconomy class1100
Eagle TransportHinoEconomy class1100
Senjuti TravelsAshok Leyland,Hino (Hino.Ashok Leyland)Economy class1100
Saint Martin TransportAshok Leyland,Hino (Hino.Ashok Leyland)Economy class1100
Saint Martin PlusAshok LeylandEconomy class1100
Road MasterAshok LeylandEconomy class1100

Reliability Of Bus Services From Dhaka To Cox’S Bazar

Traveling from dhaka to cox’s bazar is no longer a daunting task thanks to the reliable bus services operating on this route. There are numerous bus companies serving this route, each one offering different features and facilities. Some of the popular bus types plying this route are ac, non-ac, and sleeper coaches.

The frequency of these buses is also commendable, ensuring that you can easily plan your trip. Another key aspect that sets apart various bus services is customer satisfaction rating, which is often influenced by punctuality, amenities, and reliability. You can also expect safety precautions such as emergency exits, seat belts, and first aid facilities on most buses.

Therefore, before selecting your mode of transport, it is advisable to do research and compare different bus companies based on the above-mentioned factors to have a hassle-free journey.

Route, Time And Distance Covered

The dhaka to cox’s bazar bus service covers a distance of approximately 400 km. It takes around 10 to 12 hours to reach cox’s bazar from dhaka, depending on the traffic and road conditions. The journey takes passengers through the lush green hills of chittagong and along the beautiful bay of bengal.

During the journey, passengers can experience the scenic beauty of the hills and mountains around them. There are several potential traffic diversions along the way, but the bus drivers are well-trained to choose the best alternate routes. The buses also offer multiple comfort facilities such as air conditioning, clean restrooms, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Choosing the dhaka to cox’s bazar bus service provides a great option for travelers looking for an economical and comfortable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions For Dhaka To Cox’S Bazar Bus Service & Ticket Price

How Can I Book A Dhaka To Cox’S Bazar Bus Ticket?

You can easily book a bus ticket online from a reputable website or visit a bus counter in dhaka.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Cox’S Bazar From Dhaka?

It takes around 10-12 hours depending on road and traffic conditions.

What Is The Average Ticket Price For Dhaka To Cox’S Bazar Bus Service?

The average ticket price for a regular ac bus is around bdt 1200-1500.

How Many Types Of Buses Are Available For Dhaka To Cox’S Bazar Route?

There are different types of buses available, including regular ac, non-ac, luxurious, and vip buses.


Traveling from dhaka to cox’s bazar by bus has become more comfortable and convenient due to the numerous transport providers that operate on this route. The bus ticket prices are affordable, and you can choose from different types of buses that suit your budget and preferences.

To ensure a smooth trip, it’s essential to book your bus seats early and check the bus schedules in advance. Additionally, you should follow the travel guidelines provided by the bus operators and adhere to the traffic rules. With the breathtaking scenic views along the way, a bus trip from dhaka to cox’s bazar is an experience not to be missed.

Overall, it’s a cost-effective and practical means of transportation, and with the right preparation, you can enjoy a stress-free and delightful journey to one of the most beautiful destinations in bangladesh.

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