Dhaka to Gopalgonj Bus Service And Ticket Price

The bus service from dhaka to gopalgonj is readily available with affordable ticket prices. The journey typically takes around 4-5 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the type of bus chosen.

Gopalgonj, a district in the eastern part of bangladesh, has become a popular destination for travellers due to its historical and cultural significance. There are multiple bus companies operating on this route with various options in terms of bus type and ticket prices.

Some of the popular bus providers are ena transport, brtc, and hanif enterprise. It is recommended to book tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure a hassle-free journey. With comfortable seats, air-conditioned coaches, and experienced drivers, the bus journey from dhaka to gopalgonj is a convenient and safe option for both locals and tourists alike.

Dhaka-Gopalganj AC bus fare and schedule-2023

bus nameBus brandbus typerent
Tungipara ExpressHinoEconomy class650
Robi ExpressHyundaiBusiness class1200
Comfort LineAshok LeylandEconomy class550
Ena TransportHinoEconomy class650
Kotalipara Star ExpressHinoEconomy class600
Falguni Madhumati TransportHinoBusiness class700
Welcome ExpressAshok LeylandEconomy class600

Dhaka-Gopalganj Non AC bus fare and schedule-2023

bus nameBus brandbus typerent
Tungipara ExpressHinoEconomy class500
Ena TransportHinoEconomy class500
Oscillating transportHinoEconomy class500
Imad TransportAshok LeylandEconomy class500
Kotalipara Star LineHinoEconomy class500
Comfort LineAshok LeylandEconomy class450
Royal TransportHinoEconomy class550
Horizon TransportHinoEconomy class600
Welcome ExpressAshok LeylandEconomy class500
Sakura TransportHinoEconomy class700
SD TransportHinoEconomy class550
palanquin expressAshok Leyland, TataEconomy class500
Falguni Madhumati TransportTATAEconomy class750

Understanding Dhaka To Gopalgonj Bus Service

The dhaka to gopalgonj bus service holds a long history in bangladesh’s public transportation system. It’s a significant mode of transport for people residing in dhaka and gopalgonj. Many travelers prefer buses over other modes of transport due to its affordability, comfort, and reliability.

This bus route offers different types of bus services, including regular, non-stop, and luxury buses. The duration of the journey depends on traffic and road conditions, but it usually takes around 4-5 hours. Buses operate regularly throughout the day, making it convenient for travelers.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, traveling by bus from dhaka to gopalgonj is an excellent way to explore and experience the beautiful landscapes of bangladesh.

The Best Bus Service Providers

When choosing a bus service provider for a trip from dhaka to gopalgonj, it’s essential to consider the availability of different types of buses, such as ac, non-ac, regular, sleeper, etc. It’s also crucial to compare different providers based on their price and services, as each may vary.

Top-rated bus service providers often offer special facilities like wi-fi, entertainment, charging points, clean toilets, etc. When selecting a bus service provider, focus on their reputation, reliability, safety record, and customer reviews. Finding the right service provider can ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey.

With these factors in mind, you can select the best bus service provider for your trip from dhaka to gopalgonj.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Dhaka To Gopalgonj Bus Service And Ticket Price

What Is The Bus Fare From Dhaka To Gopalgonj?

The average bus fare from dhaka to gopalgonj is 200-400 bdt depending on bus type and amenities.

Which Operators Provide Bus Service From Dhaka To Gopalgonj?

There are several bus operators that provide bus service from dhaka to gopalgonj, including greenline, hanif and shohagh.

How Long Is The Journey From Dhaka To Gopalgonj By Bus?

The duration of the bus journey from dhaka to gopalgonj is approximately 3 hours depending on traffic conditions.

Are There Any Direct Buses From Dhaka To Gopalgonj?

Yes, there are direct buses available from dhaka to gopalgonj. It is recommended to check with the bus operator beforehand.

Where Can I Buy Tickets For Dhaka To Gopalgonj Bus Service?

You can buy tickets for dhaka to gopalgonj bus service online or at the bus counter. Some popular online ticketing platforms are shohoz and busbd.


Travelling around bangladesh, especially between major cities, has been made easier and more accessible with excellent transportation services like the dhaka to gopalgonj bus service. From efficient schedules to affordable ticket prices, this service is a popular choice for those who want to travel in comfort and on budget.

With their well-maintained buses and experienced drivers, passengers can always expect a safe and hassle-free journey. Additionally, many private bus companies offer luxury coaches equipped with modern amenities that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. As a visitor to this country or a resident exploring the region, the dhaka to gopalgonj bus service is a reliable and economical way to discover the beauty and wonders of bangladesh.

So, whether you are traveling for work or leisure, make sure to book your next bus trip with this service and experience the convenience and efficiency it has to offer.

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