Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus Service And Ticket Price

The bus service from dhaka to rajshahi is available at an affordable ticket price. The distance is approximately 246 km, and it takes around 6-7 hours to reach rajshahi.

If you are planning to travel from dhaka to rajshahi, the bus service is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and cost-effective options available. The journey takes roughly 6-7 hours, covering a distance of around 246 km. Several bus services operate on this route, offering different types of seats and ticket prices.

Most buses offer air conditioning, and some even have semi-sleeper options. The ticket price for standard seats ranges from tk 450 to tk 1000. However, if you opt for a more comfortable seat, the ticket price may increase accordingly. Additionally, some buses offer online reservations, which can be extremely convenient if you’re booking a return ticket or traveling during peak season.

Dhaka-Rajshahi AC bus fare and schedule-2023

bus nameBus brandbus typerent
Country TravelsHyundaiBusiness class1400
National TravelsScania (Scania) Multi AxleBusiness class1400
Rural TravelsHyundaiBusiness class1400

Dhaka-Rajshahi Non AC bus fare and schedule-2023

bus nameBus brandbus typerent
Country TravelsHinoEconomy class710
National TravelsHinoEconomy class710
Ekta Transport HinoEconomy class710
Chapai TravelsHinoEconomy class710
Rural TravelsHinoEconomy class710
Shyamali TransportHinoEconomy class700
Yamuna TravelsHinoEconomy class720
Hanif EnterprisesHinoEconomy class710

The Top Bus Companies That Serve The Dhaka-Rajshahi Route

The dhaka-rajshahi route is served by a number of top bus companies providing excellent facilities and services. Among the most popular operators are shyamoli paribahan, hino paribahan, and national travels. Shyamoli paribahan provides semi-sleeper and ac bus services with a range of amenities, their unique selling proposition being their well-trained staff.

Hino paribahan offers luxury buses with modern facilities such as a mobile charging port, reading light, and spacious seating arrangements. Their unique selling point is their punctuality. National travels focuses on comfort and provides a superb journey experience. They offer movies and music to their passengers and have well-trained staff on board.

Each company provides services that cater to every budget. Ticket prices vary depending on the service provider and type of bus service.

Dhaka To Rajshahi: Comparing Bus Ticket Prices

Dhaka to rajshahi is a popular bus route among locals and tourists alike. Currently, there are several bus operators offering different ticket prices. These prices often vary depending on several factors, such as the bus type, time of day, and bus company.

To find the most affordable rates, it is important to compare the prevailing ticket costs, which range from 350 to 1200 bangladeshi taka. Another tip to finding the best price is to book your ticket in advance. Ultimately, the key is to be patient and compare different prices before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions For Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Service And Ticket Price

How Do I Book Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus Ticket Online?

You can book a dhaka to rajshahi bus ticket online by visiting the website of the bus company or through popular online ticketing platforms.

What Is The Ticket Price Of Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus?

The ticket price of dhaka to rajshahi bus varies between different bus companies and types of buses. It can range from 400 taka up to 1500 taka.

How Long Is The Journey From Dhaka To Rajshahi By Bus?

The duration of the dhaka to rajshahi bus journey depends on the route taken, traffic conditions, and the type of bus. Usually, it takes around 5 to 7 hours.

Which Is The Best Bus Service From Dhaka To Rajshahi?

There are several reputed bus companies that offer services from dhaka to rajshahi, such as green line paribahan, shyamoli paribahan, and hanif enterprise. Choose based on your preferences.

What Amenities Can I Expect In A Dhaka To Rajshahi Bus?

Most dhaka to rajshahi bus services provide air-conditioned coaches, comfortable seats, wi-fi, charging ports, blankets, and snacks. However, it may vary depending on the company and type of bus.


Planning to travel from dhaka to rajshahi? Then taking the bus is an affordable and convenient option worth considering. The dhaka to rajshahi bus service has become increasingly popular among travelers due to its comfortable journey, affordable ticket price, and easy booking process.

Whether it’s a family trip or a solo adventure, you’ll have a great time traveling! The bus service offers a chance to explore the scenic beauty of bangladesh and enjoy the journey. You can book your tickets online or purchase them from ticket counters in advance.

The bus operators ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers throughout the journey. With this seamless transportation service, travelers can easily move from one destination to another. So, grab your tickets and enjoy a hassle-free trip from dhaka to rajshahi with the affordable and comfortable bus service!

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