Dhaka to Lalmonirhat Train Schedule and Ticket Price!

“the dhaka to lalmonirhat train schedule and ticket price vary depending on the type of train, class of seat and availability. Consult the bangladesh railway website or ticket counters for specific information.”

The dhaka to lalmonirhat railway route offers a convenient travel option for visitors and locals alike. Lalmonirhat district is located in the northern part of bangladesh, and travelling by train provides a scenic route through beautiful rural areas. The route has a variety of train types, from express to mail trains, offering options between ac and non-ac seating classes.

The distance between dhaka to lalmonirhat is approximately 400 km, with travel time ranging from 9 to 12 hours depending on the train type. In this article, we’ll cover the dhaka to lalmonirhat train schedule and ticket prices so you can plan your journey with ease.

Dhaka  to  Lalmonirhat train schedule 2023

train nameTime to leave DhakaTime to reach Lalmonirhat
Lalmani Express (751) Night-9:45 minutesMorning-7:20 minutes

Lalmonirhat to Dhaka Train Schedule 2023

train nameDeparture time from LalmonirhatTime to reach Dhaka
Lalmani Express (752) Night-10:15 minutesMorning-7:55 minutes

Dhaka to  Lalmonirhat  train ticket price-2023

Class of seatsTicket price
AC Cabin Bath (AC-B)1730 Tk
AC Cabin Seat (AC-S)1165 Rs
Snigdha AC Chair (SNIGDHA)970 Tk
SHOVAN100/200 Tk

Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule: Everything You Need To Know

Dhaka to lalmonirhat train schedule is always in demand and can be a hassle to figure out. Thankfully, this guide has got everything covered. Investigating the various available routes and train services from dhaka to lalmonirhat, this guide is your one-stop solution.

Whether you’re searching for a direct train or an overnight sleeper option, this guide covers all. You will also get a detailed list of the ticket prices for each train service. Traveling by train offers a unique experience and is also budget-friendly.

You can explore the beauty of bangladesh on your way to lalmonirhat. With this complete guide, you can easily plan your trip and reserve your seats before they sell out.

Understanding The Ticket Prices For Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train Service

Travelling from dhaka to lalmonirhat in bangladesh has been made easy with the introduction of train services. However, it’s important to understand the ticket pricing system to effectively manage your budget. The train ticket prices vary depending on the class of travel and the type of train you opt for.

You can choose from the intercity trains, mail or express trains, or commuter trains. The ticket prices for these trains range from bdt 115 for commuter trains to bdt 1,025 for intercity trains. Always opt for booking your train tickets in advance as both the ticket availability and price depend on the time of travel.

Finally, to enjoy the most affordable way of travelling from dhaka to lalmonirhat, book a commuter train as it’s the cheapest option available.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule And Ticket Price

How Long Does The Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train Journey Take?

The dhaka to lalmonirhat train journey takes around 8-9 hours depending on the train and its schedule.

Which Trains Operate From Dhaka To Lalmonirhat?

Several trains like rangpur express, lalmoni express, drutajan express, etc. , operate from dhaka to lalmonirhat.

What Is The Ticket Price For The Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train?

The ticket price for the dhaka to lalmonirhat train varies depending on the train and type of seat. It can range from bdt 175 to bdt 1200.

How Can I Buy A Train Ticket From Dhaka To Lalmonirhat?

Train tickets for dhaka to lalmonirhat can be purchased both online and offline from the authorized ticket counters of bangladesh railway.

What Are The Amenities Available In The Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train?

The train provides various amenities such as air-conditioned cabins, comfortable seats, clean drinking water, and a toilet. Refreshments are also available for purchase on the train.


By now, you should have a clear idea about the dhaka to lalmonirhat train schedule and ticket price. Trains are a convenient and affordable mode of transportation in bangladesh, and the route from dhaka to lalmonirhat is a popular one.

With six trains operating on this route daily, you can easily plan your trip and book your tickets according to your schedule and budget. When you are traveling by train, it’s always a good idea to arrive at the station a little early to ensure that you have enough time to find your platform and board your train comfortably.

Whether you are a bangladeshi citizen or a foreigner, you can use this guide to plan your trip from dhaka to lalmonirhat and enjoy the scenic beauty of bangladesh from the comfort of a

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