Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule and Ticket Info

The train schedule from dhaka to mymensingh and the ticket price can be found on the official bangladesh railway website. Dhaka is known for being the bustling capital city of bangladesh, while mymensingh is a city located in the north-central part of the country.

For those who wish to travel between the two cities via train, it’s important to know the schedule and ticket prices. Fortunately, the bangladesh railway website provides all the necessary information to make the trip planning much easier. The train ride takes around three hours, giving passengers a chance to take in some beautiful views of the countryside while en route.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, knowing the train schedule and ticket price is an essential part of the journey.

Dhaka  to  Mymensingh train schedule 2023

train nameTime to leave DhakaTime to reach Tangail
Fireless Express (735)Morning-11:00Noon-1:50
Jamuna Express (745)PM-4:45Night-8:00
Brahmaputra Express (743)Evening-6:15Night-9:20
Hour Express (777)Night-10:15Night-1:15
Teesta Express (707)Morning-7:30Morning-10:20
Mohanganj Express (789)Noon-1:15 p.m3:48 p.m

Mymensingh  to  Dhaka Train Schedule 2023

train nameDeparture time from TangailTime to reach Dhaka
Fireless Express (736)Night-8:02Night-11:00
Jamuna Express (746)Morning-4:30Morning-7:45
Brahmaputra Express (744)Morning-9:10Noon-12:40 p.m
Hour Express (778)Morning-10:38Noon-1:50
Teesta Express (708)PM-5:10Night-8:25
Mohanganj Express (790)Night-2:05Morning-5:00 am

Dhaka to Tangail train ticket price-2023

Class of seatsTicket price
AC Cabin Bath (AC-B)483 Rs
AC Cabin Seat (AC-S)322 Rs
Snigdha AC Chair (SNIGDHA)271 Rs
1st Class Chair (F-SEAT)215 Tk
S-CHAIR140 rupees
SHOVAN120 rupees

Understanding The Dhaka To Mymensingh Train Route

If you’re interested in travelling from dhaka to mymensingh, then understanding the train route is crucial. The journey itself offers an incredible overview of the countryside and gives you a chance to experience the local culture. There are different types of trains available, such as the intercity, mail, and express trains.

The frequency of the train services and their timings vary, so it is essential to plan ahead before you book. Trains provide an affordable and comfortable way to travel, and the prices vary depending on the train type and seat class.

Overall, the dhaka to mymensingh train route is an exciting option for anyone looking to explore bangladesh’s beautiful landscape.

Exploring Dhaka To Mymensingh Train Fares And Ticket Prices

Dhaka to mymensingh train services offer passengers different classes of tickets. Each class comes with its price tag, and the price varies depending on the class of ticket purchased. To book a train ticket, passengers can use different payment options, including mobile banking, credit/debit card payments, or purchase their tickets at the station.

Discounts and offers are also available for passengers who book their train tickets early. So, whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, it’s crucial to understand the different ticket classes, their costs, and booking procedures to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dhaka To Mymensingh Train Schedule And Ticket Price

What Are The Train Schedules From Dhaka To Mymensingh?

The train schedules from dhaka to mymensingh are different for weekdays and weekends. The train journey takes around 4-7 hours based on the train.

How Can I Buy Train Tickets From Dhaka To Mymensingh?

You can buy train tickets from dhaka to mymensingh both online and offline. You can visit a railway station or the bangladesh railway website to buy online.

How Much Does A Train Ticket Cost From Dhaka To Mymensingh?

The train ticket price from dhaka to mymensingh depends on the train’s class and type. It varies from bdt 60 to bdt 500, and you can choose the class according to your budget.

What Are The Types Of Trains Available For Dhaka To Mymensingh?

Several types of trains like intercity, mail are available for the journey. Among them, turna express and tista express are the most popular for their affordable price and comfortable journey.

What Is The Distance Between Dhaka And Mymensingh By Train?

Dhaka to mymensingh train distance is approximately 120 km through the most popular train routes. It usually takes 4-7 hours to cover this distance based on the train type and route.


As we wrap up this article, we can conclude that the dhaka to mymensingh train journey is an affordable, convenient, and enjoyable one. The train schedule is reliable, providing frequent trips throughout the day. With the ticket fares being budget-friendly, it is an accessible travelling option for all kinds of passengers.

Additionally, the train ride offers scenic views of the lush green countryside and the jamuna river, which adds to the overall experience. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can confidently plan your travels and book your tickets for a smooth and hassle-free journey.

If you are looking for a comfortable and budget-friendly way to travel from dhaka to mymensingh, the train is definitely worth considering. Give it a try and enjoy the beauty of bangladesh while travelling.

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