Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule and Ticket Price

The dhaka to rangpur train schedule & ticket price vary based on trains and seat classes. One can find the departure time and ticket fare by visiting bangladesh railway’s official website.

Traveling by train is a popular mode of transportation in bangladesh due to its affordability, comfort, and reliability. Dhaka, the capital city, and rangpur, a northern district, are both connected via rail. The distance between the two cities is approximately 322 km.

Many people choose to travel by train as it is often more convenient and budget-friendly than other modes of transportation. This article will provide information on the dhaka to rangpur train schedule and ticket price for those planning to travel by train.

Dhaka  to Rangpur train schedule 2023

train nameTime to leave DhakaTime to reach Rangpur
Rangpur Express (771)Morning-9:10Evening-7:05
Kurigram Express (797)Night-8:45Morning-4:55

Rangpur  to  Dhaka train schedule 2023

train name Time to leave Rangpur Time to reach Dhaka
Rangpur Express (772)Night-8:10Morning-6:10
Kurigram Express (798)Morning-8:30PM-5:25

Dhaka  to  Rangpur train ticket price-2023

Class of seatsTicket price
AC Cabin Bath (AC-B)1625 Tk
AC Cabin Seat (AC-S)1165 Rs
Snigdha AC Chair (SNIGDHA)970 Tk
SHOVAN200/300 Tk

Uncovering The Mysteries Behind Traveling From Dhaka To Rangpur By Train

Travelling from dhaka to rangpur by train is a unique experience that everyone should have. To get an insider’s guide to the dhaka to rangpur train schedule and ticket price, keep on reading. Not only is it an affordable way to travel, but it also allows you to explore the beautiful countryside of bangladesh.

The train ride is filled with unique features that you won’t find on other modes of transportation, including views of rivers, forests, and agricultural land. You’ll be amazed by the natural beauty of this country. To make the most out of your journey, it’s important to plan ahead by booking your tickets and keeping an eye on the train schedule.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets today and embark on this exciting train journey from dhaka to rangpur.

An Overview Of The Dhaka To Rangpur Train Route

The dhaka to rangpur train route has a rich historical significance. It was first opened for public use in 1870. The route covers a distance of 374 km and has several major stops including dhaka, joydebpur, tangail, bimalapur, dewanganj bazar, jamalpur, and gaibandha.

The train journey offers a scenic view of the countryside and is a popular mode of transportation for locals and tourists alike. Ticket prices are affordable and vary depending on the class of travel. The train schedule for dhaka to rangpur is available online and can be easily accessed.

The route remains an important connection between Dhaka and the northern part of Bangladesh, providing easy access to Rangpur and its neighboring regions.

Crucial Information: Dhaka To Rangpur Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Traveling from dhaka to rangpur by train is now more convenient than ever. There are different train services available, like nilsagor, lalmoni, and rangpur express, that operate on this route. Each train has its own unique schedule and ticket price breakdown.

For example, the nilsagor express departs from kamalapur railway station at 8:45 pm and reaches rangpur at 6:10 am. On the other hand, the rangpur express departs from the same station at 9:40 pm but reaches rangpur at 7:30 am.

The ticket prices vary depending on the class and type of seat you choose. So, next time you plan a trip from dhaka to rangpur, choose the train service that suits your needs the best.

Tips For Hassle-Free Experience While Traveling By Train From Dhaka To Rangpur

Traveling from dhaka to rangpur by train can be a memorable experience with a little planning. The best time to travel is during the winter. Trains offer various facilities including air conditioning, food, and water. Pack light and carry necessary items like snacks, water, medicine, and a power bank.

Avoid carrying excessive cash or valuables. Always keep your belongings close and never leave them unattended. Follow safety regulations and be alert. With a little preparation and awareness, you can have a hassle-free and safe journey from dhaka to rangpur by train.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Dhaka To Rangpur Train Schedule And Ticket Price

What Is The Train Schedule From Dhaka To Rangpur?

The train schedule for dhaka to rangpur starts at 8:15 am daily.

How Long Is The Travel Time From Dhaka To Rangpur By Train?

The travel time from dhaka to rangpur by train is about 8 hours on average.

What Is The Ticket Price For Dhaka To Rangpur Train?

The ticket price for dhaka to rangpur train varies depending on the seat class.

How Can I Buy A Train Ticket For Dhaka To Rangpur?

You can buy train tickets for dhaka to rangpur online, at the counter, or via mobile apps.

Which Is The Best Seat Class For Dhaka To Rangpur Train Travel?

The shovon chair is the best seat class for a comfortable dhaka to rangpur train journey.


Now that you know all about the dhaka to rangpur train schedule and ticket prices, it’s time for you to plan your trip. Travelling by train is not only convenient but also comfortable. It is the best way to avoid traffic, and in bangladesh, it is also a great way to explore the country’s natural beauty.

By following the train schedule and buying your train tickets in advance, you can avoid any last-minute hassles. Remember to arrive at the train station early and carry all the necessary documents. Also, it is crucial to travel safely, so always follow the safety measures and guidelines.

Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, a train journey from dhaka to rangpur is something you shouldn’t miss. The scenic beauty and the comfortable journey will be an experience you’ll cherish for life. So, pack your bags and get ready to have an adventure of a lifetime.

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